31 Jan 2019

We exhibit some beautiful and carefully selected pieces of art from incredibly talented Yorkshire-based artists here at The Art Works gallery. Pop in and take a look, invest in a piece of original art or a print which we can frame for you onsite.  

Get to know our artists:

Ian Burdall

We love Ian’s depiction of coastal scenes, particularly Yorkshire’s coastline, and his fascination with boats and wreckages.

His distinct style works with extenuating geometry, using continuing lines to frame and accentuate angles he finds in both industrial and rural settings.

Paula Dunn

Paula’s stunning landscapes focus on light, shades, colour and texture, often created by experimenting with techniques like impasto using glazes and palette knives.

Her fascinating use of colour is both surprising and beautiful, and creates pieces that are “less than strictly representational” of weather across a range of landscapes.

Oliver Fink

Oliver grew up in Otley during the 80s. His fascination with pop art and New York graffiti inspired his love of free-form art and the two styles can still be seen in his work we have here at The Art Works today.  

His work is a gorgeous blend of brightly coloured, abstract backgrounds and clinical, graphical portraits.

Sarah Garforth

The inspiration behind Sarah’s stunning pieces often comes from walks she takes in the Yorkshire Dales. She is inspired by the rivers, reservoirs and bridle paths found in the beautiful landscape.

Sarah paints by instinct to develop pieces that create the sense that you are inside an outside space.


Relton Marine

Christine Relton and Tom Marine paint collaboratively as Relton Marine.

Their original style and gorgeous use of colour represents real events or places they have visited. Over the last few years they have developed an interest in painting landscapes of the UK, especially the Yorkshire Dales.  We sell a number of their prints in the gallery.

Ian Middleton

Ian’s abstract and critically-acclaimed, unique brand of expressionist art ‘Rubistic’ is a must-see.  His gallery Somerville Gallery shares our lovely space here at The Art Works. Pop in to see his wonderful pieces Yorkshire and Burley in Wharfedale, and maybe even catch Ian himself.

Mike Moor

Mike is an Otley-based painter and printmaker and works with etchings and monoprints. He is known for his mysterious, humanist and sometimes darkly comic work.

His recent ‘Animation Stills’ that we display were originally developed as entertainment for his granddaughter, hovering between ambiguity and obviousness or depth and daftness.

Julia Odell

Julia is predominantly a landscape artist but has become increasingly interested in urban social documentary.

She works with soft mediums such as pastel and oil stick stick to recreate recognisable landmarks and locations around Yorkshire.

Karen Turner

Karen is the newest artist to display work in our gallery. Her work is lovely and vibrant and takes inspiration from the Yorkshire coast and countryside. Her bold and colourful pieces use acrylic, watercolour and big brush strokes for a style that is both playful and semi-abstract.