31 Jan 2017

Firstly, happy New Year and I hope you have survived dry January. The Art Works renovation was quiet over the festive period as we were just too busy doing what we do: making picture frames. But now we have a pending deadline, so it’s full steam ahead!

We are so excited to get in and show people the building. It is perfect for us, with its stained glass windows, period features and detailed atrium ceiling. It is going to be a really inspiring and creative space to work in.

Sadly, there have been a couple of setbacks, not least in that some delightful person broke in and vandalised the toilets, flooding the place – which was a nice surprise to come back to after the Christmas holidays. But it’s all cleared up now.

Onto better things! When we pulled up the tatty, horrible green carpet tiles, we revealed an amazingly beautiful original parquet floor. What were they thinking gluing these awful tiles to this hand crafted floor? Surprises like this make renovating an old building so satisfying. Motivated by this discovery, we’ve pulled up all the tiles and it’s ready to be restored. Later this week, the very talented Evan and Dusty Chris from Bare Joinery will be going to work on it. Can’t wait.

Pulling up floor
There is still so much work for us to do, with all the utilities being installed as if new. First stop is the electrics. Our friends HW Metcalfe, who we’ve known and worked with since the very start of the Art Works, are helping us with this. Fred has been hard at work rewiring and getting the three phase ready for our double mitre saw.

Trench for electricsFred at work









Outside, we have a nice trench dug by Nigel Downing(who has been amazingly helpful), through which the electricity supply will come. We just need N.Power to pull their finger out and install the meters so that we can light the place up again.

Anyway, that’s where we’re up to – I’ll try to keep this blog up to date with news and pictures from the renovation, and you can check out our Instagram page for regular picture updates . Thanks for everybody’s support and interest. It is still business as usual in the “old place” for now. As soon as we have a date for moving in, we will let you know. It will be in the next couple of months. Don’t worry, we are less than ten minutes away from our current spot, and there is ample private parking right outside the door, and no secret handshake to get in on a weekend (thank you to all the Saturday customers who’ve had to negotiate the main doors!).