13 Feb 2015

I am completely hooked on Pinterest and Instagram.  They are such a great, accessible resource for inspiration for creating new things and getting new ideas – and not just for at work, but at home as well.

Love Birds

A nice idea that kept popping up was these cute bird pictures made using recycled materials. I love the simplicity of the idea and thought I’d have a go myself. Everything I used was from my garden, which I think makes the art work a little more personal. As I’m a picture framer, I had plenty of excess mountboard to hand, and a good idea of how I would like to frame them.

It was quite easy to make the pictures. I simply positioned the different materials onto the acid-free conservation-level mountboard, and glued them on using a clear quick adhesive super glue, taking care not to put too much on so it was not visible. The twigs I used were dead ones found on the floor as I thought that if I took live twigs it might decay in the frame, creating moisture and mould.Bird art

For the frame I had a clear idea of where the pictures would be ending up, so this influenced the type and colour of the frame. I needed to create some depth in the frame to contain the raised parts – you wouldn’t want to squash them as it would ruin the appearance and you would lose the shadows. I did this by using a curved slip frame, then glass goes on top of this and then another frame over the top of this to contain the glass and keep the space. I decided to use Clarity Glass,which is a speciality glass that is so clear it appears to be invisible. It also has anti-glare and anti-UV properties. It’s more expensive than standard float glass, but I think it is worth it for that special finish.Craft art Work

So that’s the fun day doing crafts: now I just have to paint the room so I can hang the pictures! As it is Valentines day (otherwise known as BJ’s birthday) coming up, I did a little one to mark the day. If you like the idea and would like to make your own just bob in and we will be happy to donate some small bits of mountboard. Its a great way to get creative or even a fun idea to do with the kids, just be careful with the glue!