After months and months of hard slog, planning and organizing we are now finally in the new premises, and in control of our own future. It’s great to see it all come together; after all the thinking. planning and imagining, to see it come to life is a revelation. It is such a nice space to be in, which will really help as we spend a lot of time here. It will help with turning around work quickly, as it is a bigger and more efficient space to work in, designed around making frames in an organised professional manner. More importantly, I’m hoping that being in such an inspiring place will help us creatively, and keep progressing as a business at the forefront of the framing industry.


The Next Step

Phase 1 has been to move the business from Wharfebank Business Centre, where we have served Otley and beyond over the last 20 years, to the new premises with minimal disruption, whilst keeping up with all orders. This is now nearly complete – and once everything is in its place, we can move onto Phase 2. This will see us promoting the Gallery side of the new premises, and working with artists, to promote their work and build a network of creative people. The new premises just cries out to show-off art work; the really high detailed ceilings, original features and the beautiful light created by the glass atrium all enhance an already inspirational space. We will be hoping to exhibit both renowned artists and community projects, and we are open to new ideas. As we are open all week, it will give more people the opportunity to see the art on display, and put less pressure on the artist to go for the “hard sell”. We are even looking at new ways of selling art, where more money goes directly to the artist. There are lots of ideas at the moment and it’s incredibly exciting – we can’t wait to experiment and try new things.

There will be many more blogs to come about the building and the renovation, as well as picture framing, but for now we would just like to thank everybody that has helped us get here, particularly:

  • our patient and supportive families, who have helped us along the way;
  • the skilled professionals who have done excellent work on the renovation, bringing the space back to life and giving us the purpose-designed framing workshop we had envisioned;
  • and we’d especially like to thank all our customers. We are so grateful to your continued support: without you guys we wouldn’t be here.