09 Dec 2014

Today I’m posting a blog that is actually about framing, and unfortunately doesn’t contain any pictures of us smiling or wearing Christmas jumpers, but hopefully you will still find it interesting.I had to frame an acoustic guitar and drumsticks signed and used by none other than Status Quo. And I also needed to incorporate some pictures of the event into the guitar frame and get it all behind glass. No mean feat, but a great challenge.

3d box framing guitar

Every now and again I get given free reign with how to frame something and this was one of those jobs. It was a simple brief even though guitar framing isn’t: it had to work in an old converted barn/private bar with lots of bare timber. So I decided to keep it simple and use a grained ply to make the box to house all the memorabilia, and rather than paint it and hide the rough edges I kept it raw.

creating a layout for framing







After some juggling about I decided on the layout and balance. The next challenge was one that we always have to consider but, when done well, will often go unnoticed: how to fix the items to this case without damaging them. I wanted to make it possible to remove the guitar, just in case in a few years’ time someone wants to take it out and strum along to Rockin’ All Over The World. This meant keeping it in the same condition as when it was handed to me, before it went into the frame. I was able to discreetly tie the guitar on using the end pin of the guitar, a part designed to take the weight using a strap (it is not usually this simple – this was a lucky job!).

Bespoke Box framing a Guitar

When I came to place the pictures at the back of the frame in the standard way I thought they looked a little lost so I decided to put them in frames inside the frame to bring them forward. The overall effect is that they appear to be just floating.

I really enjoyed making this piece of work, and the customer was very pleased, which always makes for a rewarding job – although I was a little bit gutted about having to give it back.

Box framing memorabilia